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    General union of Jin’an district conveyed greetings to the employees in the high temperature position of sijia production line

    2019-09-04    Source:    Hit:233

    On Jul., 23rd, Lin xiujin, executive vice chairman of the district general union, and vice chairman Shi shaojuan, came to sijia industrial park and distributed heat subsidy comfort products to 40 employees in the high temperature position of sijia's production line.

    In order to ensure the quality and quantity of customer orders, the production line staff stick to their posts in the heat, work enthusiasm does not decrease, struggles in the first line of production. Condolence gift package, the district general union handed out this time for high temperature position employees, helps employees keep cool in summer, bring them coolness and care.

    Facing the continuous hot weather in dog days, the company also keeps enough anti-heat medicines in the integrated office for employees to take by themselves in case of emergency. And provide staff with green bean soup and other summer drinks so as to ensure staff care.

    Quality originates from the first line, and the production line is an important link in the enterprise operation. In order to ensure high-quality products and services, the production line staff are required to perform production tasks in accordance with strict production procedures. As a member of sijia, the production line staff always keep a good condition, work hard and make outstanding contributions to the stable operation of the company.


    Not only the production line, all departments of the company are working together in the high temperature: the engineering section overhauls equipment in high temperature, arrange duty reasonably, be ready at all times, ensure the good operation of the machine; The QC section maintains a rigorous attitude, carries out inspection, examines product quality, and explores quality upgrading; Warehouse section does a good job in product storage and scheduling, to ensure the normal logistics turnover of the company and so on.

    In the hot working environment, sijia people together are writing a bright future with tirelessly and arduous struggle.

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