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    Sijia carries out patent knowledge training to enhance the intellectual property awareness of all employees

    2019-09-04    Source:    Hit:217

    In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of sijia employees in patent application and strengthen the company's core competitiveness, on July 12, sijia invited senior patent agents to do patent knowledge training.


    The training mainly focuses on patent mining direction, patent retrieval, factors affecting patent authorization, review, comment response and so on, listed sijia and other reference cases, help technicians understand the elements of patent mining and licensing, to enlighten new patent ideas and solutions.

    With the growing of R&D team, the number of national patent applications is also increasing, we will further plan the patent application work, and formulate a more rigorous long-term plan, guard against intellectual property risks, to ensure sijia’s patented technology security and sustainable development.

    Patent right is an important index to measure enterprise independent innovation ability and technology research and development level, to some extent, it affects the market competitiveness of enterprises, especially for the technology-oriented manufacturing industry. Sijia will continue to focus on improving the technical level and awareness of intellectual property rights protection, maintain the initiative in the global market competition, continue to provide high quality products that meet the needs of the environment.


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